About the Flight

About The Balloon Flight

Your balloon flight - what to expect

Well... the unexpected, a balloon flight is an adventure.


Before the flight...

At Ballooning Network we do everything we can to make your hot air balloon flight as perfect as we can, but there are days when even the best laid plans get messed up by the weather. Whether or not we fly depends on the weather and your flight may be deferred. We use advanced meteorological services to track the weather conditions right up to the point of setting off for the launch field. A phone call to our dedicated flight line will advise you of any last minute changes to meeting arrangements or stoppages. We know how disappointing it can be if a flight is deferred, but we are confident that when you do fly with us you'll have the best balloon flight possible.


What to wear

We suggest you wear outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year - stout, flat footwear in case of muddy landings, trousers for climbing in and out of a basket, long sleeves, a jumper or fleece for warmth. Your balloon will fly at the same speed as the wind, so once we are off the ground you won't feel any wind chill, but it can be cool on an early morning launch field and the temperature can drop quickly once the sun goes down. A hat is handy to shield your head from the warmth of the burners, particularly if you're tall. You may encounter wet grass, mud and the odd cowpat so we advise against wearing anything valuable, including loose or delicate jewellery. We do not accept responsibility for damage to clothing. On cold days we recommend gloves. We include further guidelines when we send out your voucher.


Friends and family

You are welcome to bring along friends and family to wave you off.


Arriving at the meeting point

Park your vehicle.  Make yourself known to the pilot in accordance with instructions on our pre-flight recorded telephone message.



For many passengers and spectators this is one of the most exciting points of the balloon flight. When everyone is gathered your pilot will give you a full flight and safety briefing before inflating the balloon. Your pilot will show you how you can help with the inflation if you want to, or you can simply enjoy the noise and bustle. When the balloon is fully inflated and upright your pilot will invite passengers onboard and explain the features of the balloon and the procedures for flying and landing.


  • Balloon Inflation
    Yes, you can help
  • Bristol Balloons over Ashton Court
    Up, up and away

Many passengers never even feel the balloon take off as it gently leaves the ground behind. Don't forget to wave to friends and family so they can get a good photo. Then just relax and enjoy the flight.  Our pilots are happy to answer any questions you may have about ballooning or the spectacular scenery that surrounds you.

  • Balloon Flight over Bristol
    A view of Bristol from our Balloon



Your pilot will remind you of landing procedures before bringing the basket safely back to earth. All our baskets are segmented into small compartments for your comfort and protection should the basket tip on landing.

Allow 3 to 4 hours for the whole experience, from gathering at the meeting place to piling into the retrieve vehicle, all packed up after landing. We recommend you do not organise anything important to follow on from the flight since your return can sometimes be delayed. On summer evening flights you may not get back till after 11pm.

  • Bristol Balloons Landrover
    Your transport back to the launch site - unfortunately we cant fly you back!
  • Balloon Flight End
    But first we have to pack up!

Flight information

Please find below the list of flight area information numbers to call if you are booked onto a flight:

Bath 0117 947 1024

Bristol 0117 947 1023 (Also used for the Bristol Balloon Fiesta)

Gloucestershire 0117 947 1078

Westonbirt  0117 947 1034

Exclusive flights 0117 947 1026 (except The Bristol Balloon Fiesta).


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