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Hot Air Balloon Rides in South Wales

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Ballooning over the Usk & Wye Valleys

The Usk & Wye Valleys are an area of outstanding natural beauty situated on the borders of South Wales, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.
Capture the Welsh Border countryside at its best, with ancient castles and Offa's Dyke. Looking towards the east view the majestic Forest of Dean and the estuary of the River Severn may be seen stretching towards Gloucestershire. To the west the hills and mountains of the Brecon Beacons form the horizon over which some of the most spectacular sunsets may be viewed towards the end of an evening's flight.
We select the launch site on the basis of the prevailing wind direction and weather patterns, these include:


Hot Air balloon Flights from Monmouth

The birthplace on Charles Royce, of Rolls Royce fame, who made his first balloon flight on 8th September 1898.


Hot Air Balloon Rides over Raglan Castle

Undoubtedly the finest late medieval fortress palace in Britain. Building commenced in the 1430's and features the yellow tower and moated stronghold with gun port and double drawbridge. Built, regardless of cost, by Sir William Thomas, and sumptuously embellished, the castle became still more splending under William Lorder Herbert's Elizabethan descendants who added the Banqueting Hall and other apartments.


Balloon Flights from Tintern

Start your balloon ride from a field adjacent to the magnificent 12th Centurey Tinern Abbey, which was founded by Walter Dean Clare for the White Rober Cistercian Monks. The Monks austere rule dictated that they settled in remote locations but the grandeur of the principal buildings were largely due to Roger Bigod, Lord of nearby Chepstow Castle. The Abbey is an outstanding example of elaborate decorated style gothic architecture. The unspoilt scenery has attracted visitors since the late 18th centurey. Artists like Turner sketched and painted here, Wordsworth drew inspiration from here and it is a stunning location to fly from when the windirection and speed is suitable.

Our launch site is next to The Anchor Hotel, a fine pub which offers excellent views of the Abbey.

Ballooning over Tintern Abbey

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